Dengie Natural Vitality Coat And Hoof

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Dengie Coat & Hoof is based on alfalfa which provides highly available calcium which research has shown improves both the quality and quantity of hoof growth (Vet Record, 1987). It also contains biotin, zinc and methionine which are all components of hoof horn. Live yeast is included to optimise fibre digestion and maintain a healthy digestive system. The inclusion of omega oils provides essential fatty acids required for creating exceptional coat condition and as components of cells and tissues in the body.
When to use

To create healthy hooves and a shiny coat
Show horses
Horses, ponies or youngstock being prepped for sales

Key Ingredients

Omega oils to provide essential fatty acids
Alfalfa as a source of available calcium
Biotin, methionine and zinc – key components of hoof horn
Vanilla flavouring for great palatability

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